About PTSI

PTSI provides worry-free property tax solutions for key players in the hospitality and senior living industries.

Our national network of partners and associates finds innovative property tax solutions that save our clients millions in avoidable fees and penalties.

Most of our clients don’t have time to run their businesses and successfully navigate the hectic, complex, volatile realm of state and local property taxes.

They should not—and do not—have to.

We built our name providing specialized, exceptional service to clients in virtually every state.

PTSI’s business model is simple: We mobilize our national experience to partner with an impressive, savvy network of local experts who know the peculiarities of local and state property tax customs. We turn that knowledge into big savings for our clients.

Every business, every client is different, with various accounting and reporting systems that can impact potential tax liabilities. We make the time to understand our clients’ business practices and find the best possible tax savings.

It’s our job to take care of those details, so our clients can focus less on property taxes and more on their own business success.



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