PTSI Services


PTSI is a leading, national provider of tax solutions for world-class hospitality clients. These prominent names rely on us to bring order to the chaos that can stem from unique and volatile state and local tax issues.

We provide them with a single point-of-contact for fast, easy access to PTSI’s local expertise and deep knowledge of the industry’s complex tax challenges.   

Clients save time and money because PTSI spares no detail. We track the economic shifts in local, national and international arenas that directly impact the value of hospitality assets and how localities tax them. Our solutions reflect those economic realities and various local tax authorities’ customs and practices.

We know there is no room for frivolous oversights and missed nuances in local tax customs. We know that a “cookie-cutter” tax solution that neglects those local customs and practices can cost millions in fees and penalties. We’ve seen simple oversights turn into big losses.

PTSI is the industry standard for hospitality tax solutions. We are not just innovative. We are proven, and second to none.


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